Comprehensive Information Regarding Endorsements In Car Insurance

Comprehensive Information Regarding Endorsements In Car Insurance

Your car insurance policy certificate is a legally mandated document that must contain accurate and up-to-date information about you and your vehicle. However, this may not always be the case, as some details may need to be updated or changed after buying your car insurance.

An endorsement on your 4-wheeler’s car insurance policy allows you to change or update these details through your insurer. This endorsement can be either financial or non-financial, depending on the changes you want to implement.

So if you want to know more about car insurance endorsements or want to get your policy details updated or changed, keep reading as we break down and explain all these terms and processes.

 What are Car Insurance Endorsements?

An endorsement in a car insurance policy refers to making changes in the existing policy document. The policyholder admits these changes to the insurer, which can be made after the policy has been issued, during the policy term, or during car insurance renewal.

For example, when filling out the policy application form, you or the insurance provider may input incorrect details and issue the policy certificate. In these cases, you must notify your insurer and get these mistakes rectified so that your car insurance policy certificate is updated with the correct details.

Depending on the insurer, they may issue you a revised policy copy or cancel your existing policy and issue you a new policy altogether with the new modifications.

In short, a car insurance endorsement is an agreement between the insurer and the policyholder regarding the changes made to the existing insurance policy.

 How Many Times Can You Make Car Insurance Endorsements?

Four-wheeler insurance endorsements are usually made soon after the policy is issued and can usually be done twice or thrice a year, depending on policy terms.

Whenever a car insurance endorsement is done, the insurer issues an endorsement copy as proof of endorsement to the policyholder. This endorsement copy has to be read with the original policy copy.

The endorsement policy copy is the final agreement of the original car insurance policy copy. In other words, the endorsement wordings overrule the original policy copy at the time of your car insurance claim. These endorsements remain valid throughout the policy’s duration.

However, even if your insurer allows for multiple endorsements, it is advised that you try not to make multiple changes, as it can lead to confusion during renewals, and you lose track of your original policy document.

 How to Apply for Car Insurance Endorsements?

  1. Contact your insurance provider and inform them of the changes you wish to make to your existing policy. You can call your insurer’s toll-free number or email them.
  2. Your insurer will require you to present proof of the error, changes made to your vehicle, or personal details.
  • For changes that have more to do with the policyholder, ownership of the vehicle, or policy nominee, you might have to furnish proof of sale or other relevant documents.
  1. Your insurer will incorporate the changes to your policy after detailed verification of the changes provided.
  2. You will be issued an “Endorsement Certificate” for your four-wheeler insurance detailing the changes you have requested for your existing policy.

 Types of Endorsement on Premium Car Insurance Policies

Car insurance endorsements are of two types: Financial and Non-financial. This means depending on the type of change you want to implement; you may have to pay an additional premium.

Financial endorsements are where you must pay your insurer an additional fee or premium to implement the change. These changes can be:

  • Rider/Add-on inclusion.
  • Name transfer or ownership transfer.
  • Removal of anti-theft device and AAI membership.
  • Inclusion of CNG/LPG kits.
  • Addition or deletion of electrical/non-electrical accessories.

Non-Financial car insurance endorsements refer to changes made to the information provided in your policy document. These changes do not require any additional fees and can be modifications like:

  • Change in your car’s engine and chassis number.
  • Change your car registration number.
  • Change in name, address, or contact details.
  • Change in car variant, cc, make and model, or fuel type.
  • Change in the nominee.


A car insurance endorsement is an agreement between the policyholder and the insurer on the modifications made to an existing policy. These changes can be made after the policy has been issued, and some of the best car insurance in India allows you to make multiple endorsements that stay valid throughout the policy term.

Most reputed insurers like Tata AIG have also digitised the endorsement application process, so your car insurance endorsements can be done online, making it quick, convenient and completely paperless!