How Is The HR Trends In 2022?

How Is The HR Trends In 2022?

Adapting to the changes brought by the pandemic has led to some changes in the way we work, like the rise of work from home setup. The next step is to identify how to deal with such changes efficiently and how we can ride along with the wave of transformation that arrived. From saying goodbye to the old routines among many others, there are some key developments in HR that you should keep an eye out for in 2022.

One of the critical changes to pay attention to in 2022 is the rising internal mobility and a shift in the hiring process. Internal mobility refers to promotion within the company, giving employees a path towards progress as the business reaps a load of productivity and budgetary benefits. 

Many people agree that hiring internally helps improve retention, helps accelerate new hire productivity and the hiring process. As there are some changes in the recruitment process and background check, one can say that 2022 could be the year that internal mobility can rise even further.

Additionally, multi-generational workforce management is another trend to watch out for in 2022. For the first time, the work environment has the potential for five different generations simultaneously, as it includes the traditionalists born around 1927 to 1946 and the new generation born in the 21st century. 

One of the biggest questions today regarding this is how to manage the multi-generational workforce. And the bigger question involves whether it is the right mindset to approach this and if there is really a need to manage people from an age perspective.

Another HR trend to keep an eye on it is aligning with business goals to drive impact. Searching from Gartner’s 2021 Hr Budget as well as Staffing Survey revealed that many HR leaders have plans to reduce their budget for HR function this year. This report is a mindset shift towards paving the path to proving one’s impact and value in aligning with business goals and objectives.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are also critical trends in HR to pay attention to in 2022. When it comes to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, it is helpful if senior leaders show commitment and passion that aligns well with the brand and its people. 

Revamping employee perks and benefits is another HR trend for 2022. Employee benefits concerning workers comp went through some phases in the 2010s. And in 2020, there is plenty to think about employee perks, as a Perkbox survey found that none of the perks and benefits that make them happier in their job is explicitly linked to being in the office. What matters for many employees involve having a work-life balance, as they cited discounts or subsidies for personal needs outside of work and recognition for their hard work even if they work from home.

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