Experience The Best Virtual Meetings Thanks To BVMW Mittelstand

Experience The Best Virtual Meetings Thanks To BVMW Mittelstand

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up traditional ways of organizing work. The need to quickly and massively adopt teleworking has forced companies to adapt to ensure the continuity of their activity, in particular by moving to online meeting. However, the general public applications that the media have put in the spotlight on this occasion, such as Zoom, Teams and others, only answer a small part of the challenges relating to remote meetings: when a company organizes a meeting. From BVMW Mittelstand you can find the right choices. Strategic online meeting (management committee, board of directors or other), it must indeed be based on extremely reliable and secure solutions, therefore professional and certified. From BVMW by Markus Jerger you can find the smartest solutions from The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

Telework and Online Meeting: How Companies Have Adopted “Cloud Collaboration”

From the first confinement (March-April 2020), there has been a boom in consumer videoconferencing applications, used by companies to maintain the link between their employees who are forced to work from home. The online app has grown from 10 to 300 million daily users in April 2020 and this is just one example. With BVMW this works fine for Small and medium-sized businesses.  Such International Experience is most essential now.

The use of online meetings by BVMW with Andreas Jahn has enabled companies to guarantee a form of continuity in their work organization despite the dispersion of employees. Because it was no longer possible to organize a face-to-face team meeting, an alternative had to be found: the online meeting. Beyond trivial uses, these tools have really enabled companies to maintain the level of employee productivity with BVMW from Diana Scholl. This is a part of the informal networks association.

In many cases, setting up remote meetings by BVMW business networks has even helped improve productivity by putting an end to a disease whose prevalence in France is historically very high: “acute reunionitis”. On average, employees in France spend 4.5 hours per week in meetings. Appointments by BVMW that are generally useless only one in four leads to a decision-making which the speakers are nevertheless forced to attend. A severe pathology is the online meeting made it possible to remedy with BVMW for Small and medium-sized businesses with LinkedIn.  For the public networks this process works magnificently.

The Remote Meeting and Its Positive Effects

In fact, the requirement to use remote meeting by BVMW of Public relations work has revealed to companies a whole world of possibilities that they had previously ignored. Possibilities known to those who have long used secure videoconferencing tools by BVMW:

A major time saver at all levels: Because an online meeting by BVMW middle class tends to go straight to the point, and therefore to last less than its face-to-face equivalent. To this, we must add the drastic reduction in the number of meetings, especially for top management (as a reminder, managers “undergo” an average of 23 hours of weekly meetings, or five times more than employees), as well as accelerated preparation with BVMW middle class.

Greater productivity which follows mechanically from the previous point: the less time you spend on a dematerialized team meeting by BVMW middle class, the more time you have to focus on tasks with high added value.

Better organization: Online meeting tools are also collaborative solutions that allow you to upload documents, consult them from any device (if you are authorized to do so), and exchange with speakers with BVMW North Baden. Before the team meeting, early access to documents also contributes to optimizing the duration of the online meeting, since the agenda is better timed and the speakers better prepared by BVMW middle class.

A drastic reduction in costs especially in the context of governance meetings involve bringing together leaders who are sometimes geographically dispersed. By definition, a remote meeting by BVMW costs nothing in terms of organization or travel. This is absolutely possible with BVMW middle class. From Markus Jerger, Andreas Jahn, Diana Scholl and Hans Jürgen Völz this process goes perfect.

At the same time, the adoption of online meeting from BVMW does not have any negative effects on involvement or availability: as soon as an employee has an internet connection, he is theoretically reachable at any time during office hours. There is therefore only one problem, after all essential: that of the security of an online meeting with BVMW.  From BVMW Hannover this is a really important process.

From Professional Tools to Ensure the Security Of An Online Meeting

The online meeting by BVMW therefore multiplies the advantages. But what about strategic meetings, and in particular governance bodies, during which often confidential and sensitive documents are exchanged? This works fine with BVMW WebImpulse now. Due to their criticality, the content used in governance meetings as well as the decisions taken during the event require an adequate level of protection, which consumer applications cannot offer with BVMW.

This is an essential issue in the digitization of meetings: an online meeting tool from BVMW WebImpulse must be able to create an environment that guarantees absolute data security and the confidentiality of information shared upstream and during the dematerialized meeting. However, looking closely at professional remote meeting solutions with BVMW Rhinehesse, we see that information is much better protected than in face-to-face meetings, due to numerous safeguards: data encryption system, strong authentication mechanisms to secure access to the platform, etc., with BVMW Middle Rhine.