Choosing the Best Coin Dryers for Your Laundry Business – What to Consider

Choosing the Best Coin Dryers for Your Laundry Business – What to Consider

To achieve optimal business productivity, every laundromat owner wants the best Girbau North America laundry equipment — a coin operated washing machine, dryer, and more. But with dozens of laundry machines in the market, choosing the right ones for your laundromat is a hassle.

And considering that a coin dryer, an industrial washing machine, and other laundry equipment are the center of your laundromat, you don’t want to make a rush buying decision. So how do you choose the best coin dryers for your laundry business? Let’s find out.

Drying speed

While it’s crucial you make your clients comfortable as they wait for their laundry, you’ll improve customer satisfaction by reducing the waiting time. Even better, you’ll maximize profit generation during peak hours if you invest in fast-drying technology. Therefore, pair your high spin washers with super-fast dryers to serve more customers and boost profits during peak times. A top-performing coin dryer features drying cycles, enabling you to switch from slow to fast-drying when necessary.

The dryer’s load capacity

Offer your customers the convenience of large capacity washing machines and dryers.  You can save customers dozens of hours if your coin dryers and washing machines can handle more laundry in one load. And considering most families do their laundry once a week, your clients will come to you to enjoy the convenience of laundry in one go. The point is, large dryers reduce the loading frequency to serve your clients fast, leaving them satisfied. This can be a way of obtaining customer loyalty in your laundry business.


Energy-consuming dryers increase the monthly utility costs in your business. That’s why you must pick energy-efficient coin dryers without sacrificing productivity in your laundry store. To do that, choose a drying machine with the Energy Star Label — a trusted, government-verified symbol for energy efficiency. For a machine to earn that label, it must meet some energy-saving specifications. This way, you’ll reduce the energy bills in your laundromat for more profit generation.


Cost is a critical consideration when deciding on the right machines for your laundry store. Consider both the upfront capital expense and maintenance cost. Some coin dryers may be cheap upfront but operate inefficiently in the long run, translating to higher operational costs. Others may be expensive upfront but operate efficiently in the long run. The solution here is to list down the features of the perfect coin dryer you want in your laundromat. Then, draft a list of several dryers in the market and narrow it down using the features you want while comparing their prices. Choose the most affordable machine without compromising performance.

The space in your laundry store

The space available influences the dryer size and model you’ll get for your business. If you have limited floor space, a stacked dryer configuration suits your needs. On the other hand, a single pocket dryer model has a higher load capacity but consumes more space than the stacked designs. If you like, you can choose a mix of both to enjoy all the advantages in your laundry business.

The coin dryer you choose will define the benefits you get in your laundromat. So choose the right one to meet your business needs.