Essential Information To Know About Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Essential Information To Know About Amazon Seller Account Suspension

Today, Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce websites with millions of sellers. Like any other website, Amazon also comes along with its own rules, which can sometimes suspend the seller’s account. Hence, here we will brief you about the steps you can take to recover your amazon account.  

There are more devastating things for any Amazon business than the account suspension. Amazon continues to crack down each year by striking thousands and thousands of third-party vendors with breaks. It is vital to realize not only how to escape the suspension. But also, how to get amazon suspension help if it unluckily happens to the seller. 

How Does A Vendor Get Suspended? 

Amazon thinks the performance of the seller has tanked. They make a lot of profit from surviving competitive and giving quality items with excellent customer service. Suppose the seller is not meeting the performance expectations involving Order Defect percentage, Cancellation percentage, late freight percentage, and more. Then they can come across an account suspension. 

Suppose the seller has violated a noticeable policy. Amazon is quite strict about the selling scheme and ethics of conduct. If they feel the seller has broken one, they will band the account. 

Suppose the seller has tried to sell a prohibited product. Amazon has quite clear definitions of what they think about prohibited products by segment. If the seller does not comply, then they will get a suspension. 

Appealing An Amazon Account Suspension 

Suppose the seller is thinking about removing the band from their suspended seller account on Amazon. The positive side is that they can amazon suspension appeal. They should initiate by carefully going through their suspension letter to decide precisely what rule they have supposedly violated. Then come up with and offer an efficient plan of action that takes accountability for the issue and gives a detailed strategy on keeping it from retaking place. 

After they have given everything, they will require waiting until it is evaluated. Which, for many vendors, is the most challenging part? Unluckily they can take even more than a week to get back. 

Preventing An Amazon Account Suspension 

Of course, the sellers should always make sure that they follow every Amazon listing rule and keep up with the top policies as precisely as possible. The more the vendor does it, the less likely they will receive a suspension. They should always pay focus on listings. Make sure clearly in conveying what the consumer requires to understand before shopping, such as precisely labelling items as used or new. A positive consumer experience is most important to Amazon. And repeated objections can lead to issues with the Amazon vendor account. 


The seller should remember that they want Amazon to believe that they realize what they have done wrong and are willing to take proper steps to correct it. This is why the vendor will want to keep their Amazon suspension appeal letter brief yet specific and attempt to escape being overly apologetic, defensive, and accusatory.