How to Inject Humor Into Compliance Training

How to Inject Humor Into Compliance Training

One of the challenges many employers face is how to keep compliance training courses engaging. With a poorly-planned training program, employees will end up disinterested, not absorbing any information at all!

While there are platforms like True Office Learning to provide microlearning opportunities and technological features that keep interests high, it might not be enough. If you will present and conduct the training program yourself, then it’s high time you consider injecting humor into it.

Wait, what? Isn’t this supposed to be a serious session?

Well, sure, but it doesn’t hurt to put in a few timely laughs and positive light throughout the training program. You just need to know when it’s the right time to loosen up and lighten the attendees. If you’re wondering how to do that, check out these helpful tips:

  1. Have Animated Videos

There are a lot of demo videos with boring scenarios and bad acting, which disinterests people. Compliance issues are also heavily exaggerated to try to prove a point, to the point unrealistic dialogues are laughable, and not in a good way!

Instead of using those old and dreary videos, why not go for more engaging compliance videos? We recommend using animated videos to illustrate even more situations that might be too risky when acted in real life. For example, show animated videos about hazardous chemical spills to show employees how to properly wear safety gear and leave the space.

  1. Include Games

Games are extremely fun and engaging, and people will be able to absorb what they learn better. But don’t go for kiddie games! Instead, opt for serious games with varying levels, filled with realistic situations and interesting characters.

Employees should only proceed to the next levels after answering compliance questions correctly or upon completing tasks. Throughout the game, add a few humorous elements as you see fit to keep players engaged!

  1. Have Some Elements of Mystery

Nothing keeps people more interested than a mystery! Adding elements of mystery as you discuss case studies or play serious games will have employees use their thinking skills.

For instance, create a simulation exploring certain compliance issues and the main character should look into all the clues to see if the suspect really violated policies. You may also give the employees anecdotes with open endings and encourage them to draw their own conclusions before you reveal the outcome.

Let your employees guess so they are more compelled to delve into the issue, reflecting on the topic. While this isn’t exactly a tip to inject humor, it’s something that can have employees participate more during training. Remember, too many jokes and puns can diminish the training’s value and people might find it too corny!

Also, throughout training, only add bite-sized bits of lessons for better knowledge retention. Keep it entertaining with lots of engaging simulations, videos, and games that people can consume efficiently. Don’t make the entire training program too long, or this will overwhelm them!

Wrapping It Up

By injecting humor into your training programs, more employees will want to engage and take into heart what they learn.