OEE For Maximum Efficiency

OEE For Maximum Efficiency

OEE is a good standard for measuring productivity. It is one of the most important maintenance related metrics for their company. It provides one of the quickest ways to assess the efficiency and the production process. You can also use overall equipment effectiveness to pinpoint performance issues. If a particular machine has a high rate of downtime one can expect it to have a maintenance issue. In that case, a part needs to be replaced. It is a highly effective way of determining the asset and it becomes helpful in manufacturing and production procedure. It is all about understanding how well the whole manufacturing process is performing and where the gaps need to be filled.


OEE tells us about the performance of how the equipment is producing products. It is a function that decides many units are produced as compared to its cycle time. The main metrics of OEE are availability, quality, and performance. Quality is all about giving the number of well-manufactured parts that are produced. No defective part is expected when it comes to producing material. It is expected to maintain the quality and availability of the Asset performance is also required. It includes both planned and unplanned downtime. If an asset is having 100 % availability, it is always running planned production time.

Overall effectiveness

Overall equipment effectiveness is the relationship between what is actually produced and what can be produced. If a machine fails to produce the maximum number of units it is only 80% effective. The number of operators, energy, and material requires contributing to a machine’s efficiency. In order to calculate OEE, you need to understand the formula of getting the basic overview. It takes several factors into contribution so that you can understand well the company is facing losses. While multiplying the main metrics, you can get the overall equipment effectiveness. It can help you to track and improve the quality with which you can get a better effectiveness score.

Equipment failure

Any production procedure can include downtime or unplanned downtime which can turn out to be a huge burden. It can incur a significant cost which brings down the OEE score. In order to significantly reduce equipment failure, you need to understand and eliminate equipment failures. A necessary setup for adjustments is important and beneficial to the production. It is a normal part of any production procedure that optimizes more than the current situation. Proper maintenance can always lead to better results.

Speed in production

The speed of the production process is really important. If it is operating at slower or reduced speed and ideal cycle time the equipment is fully maintained. It needs a proper maintenance schedule that you can set it up for interview maintenance tasks. It ensures you maintain a good OEE score that is ideal for the main production process. Due to the defective parts, it can feel too bad results. You need proper equipment startup and sustainable production proceeded in order to rectify and improve the performance. This can typically occur during changeovers or incorrect settings on the equipment. It is necessary to keep a check on everything so that it runs properly.

Equipment availability

There is software that is known to improve equipment availability. It is the foundation for calculating effectiveness which is a straightforward measure. You need to keep certain things and mind like machine breakdowns and adjustments that can improve overall equipment effectiveness. OEE score is dependent on how well you can carry on with the production process.

Very to maintain

The software is easy to maintain the machine runtime that can be entered via any connected device installed with the help of the software. You can lookout for opportunities to improve equipment performance. Most of the manufacturers or Industries try their best to improve OEE score for better performance for the major definition of the score is to make sure that you calculate it the best possible way.

Analyze performance with OEE

One needs to analyze the performance and check with the OEE score or maintain the definition of effectiveness. In order to improve equipment performance quality, it becomes easier to maintain and measure manufacturing in settings. There are some set Benchmarks for overall equipment effectiveness that have remained unchanged in institute. With an ability of 90% performance of 95% and quality of 99%, one can expect an OEE score of 85%. There are certain definitions that need to be maintained in order to increase and maximize the efficiency of the equipment.