Understanding the Types of Security Services

Understanding the Types of Security Services

Simply the presence of security services is a great deterred to potential threats and burglaries. Today, with high crime rates and constant peril to safety of personally acquired property and self; having guards around has become impertinent. 

There is a plethora of guards employed worldwide today to protect several places and people. Some places for instance are businesses, schools, banks, residential spaces and so on. 

It is a common belief that all the security guards perform the same function. This, however, is a huge misconception. There are different types of guards and each serves a specific function.

Read on to know about the types of security services so you can determine which one to choose.

1] Unarmed security

As the name suggests, unarmed guards carry no weapons on them. But does this make them less valuable and reliable? Absolutely not! These guards carry out activities like patrolling, 24*7 surveillance, access control, crowd control, policy enforcement, monitoring security systems, all contributing to deterring crimes. They are usually suitable for residential and low risk areas. 

2] Armed security 

Armed security guards carry heavily loaded weapons with them and are usually suitable for high threat environments wherein life of the individuals is endangered. They are often found in areas where crime rates are significantly high. Armed security guards cannot be just anyone from the population. They are rigorously trained, possess a licence to handle weapons and usually have a law enforcement background. All of this ensures they can safely carry lethal weapons and know exactly how and when to operate them. 

3] Body guards 

Several popular people like VIPs, celebrities, politicians, and other dignitaries require protection to secure their lives. Bodyguards are assigned to ensure these individuals are protected. These guards are highly trained, well-armed and determined to protect the individual at cost of their own life.

4] Patrol guards

Patrol guards are mainly concerned with monitoring and scanning the area for threats. They can be mobile or permanent. Mobile guards are not constantly present but monitor the premises following an emergency call or at scheduled times. Permanent patrol guards patrol vicinities day and night. 

The type you will choose will depend on your needs. A high-quality and determined security system is difficult to find yet very crucial to be taken lightly. There are several agencies like Agence de sécurité Perceptage providing services with immense experience and intensive training. Hire now and experience optimal security!