What is a Volunteer Management Software?

What is a Volunteer Management Software?

Many organizations rely on their volunteers to maintain their regular operations and deliver services. This is majorly seen in the nonprofits. Since the volunteers do not work on contracts, the organizations find it difficult to strive and maintain the adequately motivated pool of people to support them. To manage them, they mostly use the volunteer management software which helps them to pick the right system, source the right talent and manage them effectively, all while adding value to the community. 

In this article, we will be talking about volunteer management software and why it is the need of the hour.

What is a volunteer management software?

The VMS is nothing but a database and communication tool which can store the volunteer information and help the nonprofits in managing their workforce. The software has built-in tools that are helpful for sourcing, recruiting, onboarding and scheduling the volunteers. This makes the entire process of working with them less risky and more effective and productive. These systems will help the managers to avoid double bookings and ensure there is enough staff to carry out their activities. The software also allows the organizations to communicate conveniently with the volunteers.

Important features of the software include the following:

Data capture

The main purpose of these systems is to act as a database for capturing, organizing and storing the volunteer information. This helps the managers to access the data whenever needed and communicate it with the volunteers. The tool sends out simple forms to the volunteers who want to sign up and people can submit their information with ease.


People who rely on volunteers often have to go through multiple recruitment cycles. This needs effective management. These types of management software can help you create the recruitment campaigns and makes it pretty easier to review and reproduce them. The process of posting job adverts is also made very easy and the prospective volunteers can sign-up with ease. The managers can then filter the applicants according to their set criteria and track and measure the entire campaign. At the end of it, the tool will also help them to create data reports. This will completely streamline the recruitment and on-boarding processes while generating more valuable data.

With Vome Volunteer management software by your side, you don’t have to worry anymore. The software can effectively do most of the tasks on your behalf.