You Need More Than Just Incredible Topics to Make Incredible Podcasts

You Need More Than Just Incredible Topics to Make Incredible Podcasts

Podcasting is among the single most widely used mediums to create brand awareness. In 2020, over 155 million people in America listened to podcasts. About a quarter of them played podcasts once a week. This is a medium that can’t be ignored by content creators. As a podcaster, you can pick just about any topic, and create engaging content. If your content is good enough, you will get a sizeable following before you even know it.

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Although choosing a trending topic will help in getting your podcast a high ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), there is certainly more to it than just selecting a popular topic. You may be talking about the most viral topic, but so are thousands of other podcasters. To remain above your competitors, you will need to focus on the quality of your podcasts.

A successful podcast will be one that can communicate a compelling message to the audience. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to become a successful podcaster.

Your Subject Is Only a Portion of Your Podcast

Every podcast starts with the topic. Once you finalize the topic, the next thing to do is to decide the message you wish to convey to your audience. You will also need to consider the style in which you want to deliver your message. Here are some of the formats that can be used for podcasts:

  • Multi-party discussions
  • Solo narration
  • Journalistic-style reporting
  • Interviews
  • Theatrical entertainment

The format you choose will likely depend on the subject of your podcast. No matter what format you choose, the important thing is to be yourself. No one likes fakeness. Be an authentic host. Don’t be a wannabe.

The Importance of Quality Content

A few years ago, digital marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuck said “Content is king, but context is God.” This statement applies very well to the digital world. Digital media has evolved tremendously over the years. Brands can now create and publish content easily to make connections with their customers.

However, customers have numerous brands to choose from. To cut the clutter, brands need to regularly publish content that will drive up user engagement. Otherwise, your content will be lost among other millions of content pieces created every day. The same will apply to podcasts.

The most effective way to capture the attention of your audience is to create high-quality content. The content needs to engage with users at a deep level. People consume content to create value in their lives. No matter what you talk about in your podcast, you need to know why your listeners tune in to it. Familiarize yourself with your target demographics to get a more in-depth understanding of your audience.

Communicating Effectively to Build a Community

A podcast is a very effective digital marketing tool. If you get viewed as an expert in the topics you talk about, your podcast can reap many benefits for you. Be sure to refine your messaging and communicate that message in a fun and engaging way to your audience. If you do this, your audience will view your brand in a favorable light and you will hence be able to establish trust with your audience.

No one will listen to your podcast if your audience feels it does not apply to them. The best way to build a loyal community for your brand is to be effective at communication. Clear messaging in your communication will allow your podcast to gain followers quickly. Be sure to create value for your audience so they don’t feel they have been shortchanged.

Summing Up

The subject matter of your podcast will be the first block in its foundation. Even if you pick a heavily saturated topic, you can still stand out if your communication is refined and can create value for the audience.

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