5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

If you find yourself having trouble to convert your subscribers into customers or getting them to open your emails, in this article you’ll learn some of the most common email marketers mistakes so that you can avoid them and even correct them.

Wether if you are working in a small business, sef-emplyed or working with an Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency, these list will help you prevent some headaches while optimizing your marketing strategy.

1. Using poor Subject Lines

All of us receive tons of emails on daily basis and most of them we don’t even open. More than 47% of email recipients open the emails simply based on the subject line alone and, 69% report emails as spam also based on the subject line.

Often, email marketers don’t realize the importance of the subject line and it’s consequences. In order to avoid unwanted behaviour from our list we can:

  • Keep the subject line short and simple
  • Personalize it
  • Avoid fuzzy words
  • Don’t be aggressive by using all caps

2. Sending too many emails

As mentioned above, people receive too many emails per day, making it thousand of mails per year! This is why most of them might unsubscribe from your list if you’re sending too many emails.

To keep your customers happy send them the right amount of emails with valuable information so that they keep engaging and avoid unsubscriptions and spam rates.

3. Not including a CTA button

Other common mistake is that sometimes when sending emails we overlook our main goal which it’s mainly to get them to click/buy/reply by only sending information, images and maybe, some links.

Therefore, it is crucial to include a Call to Action button all along the email, starting with the Main Banner, then maybe at the middle of the body of the email and if needed at each product/service you’re showcasing to generate the desired action.

4. Overloading your email content

This is one of the most common errors in email campaigns, in order to reduce the amount of emails, marketers overcrawd their emails with too many information, deals and announcements.

Nowadays, readers prefer emails that are straightforward and stick to one main point that is also related to the subject line. Also, make sure that the email loads as quickly on mobile as on desktop.

5. Not sending a Welcome email (automation)

If a potential buyer begin browsing your website and, then realize there’s valuable information they’d like to receive within your newsletters and signup you’d better setup a Welcome Automation instead of begin sending them Newsletters right away.

Welcome emails have the highest Open Rates and are the best way to connect with your customers as soon as they’ve signed up, this will also help you with deliverability so don’t skip this important step on your email strategy.

We mentioned some of the most common mistakes that marketers do on email marketing but of course, we’re all human and, we commit eros so just in case you find yourself having a goofup, take a look at these 10 Examples Of The Best Correction Or Apology Emails and make the most out of it.

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