Five Great Benefits of Solar Panels

Five Great Benefits of Solar Panels

Thanks to its power and consistency, solar energy is one of the most dependable and widely used alternative energies today. Despite regaining more publicity and popularity in recent years, it is a technology that has been on the market for over five decades. Nearly a century ago, on April 4, 1931, The New York Times heralded its arrival with a headline that read, “The Use of Solar Energy Is Near a Solution.”

What percentage of the UK uses solar panels?

Solar power contributed 28% of the UK’s total renewable energy generation in 2021, which was dominated by wind power. The ratio of fossil fuels for energy fell to a record low during the same, at 37.7%.

This increase in renewable energy is not accidental but is due to a global transition towards a low-carbon economy. Coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and are one of the leading causes of global warming. Solar panels are a key element in this fight because they have multiple benefits.

The 5 Advantages of Solar Panels

  1. Solar power is inexhaustible. Solar energy is produced by light, photovoltaic energy, or the sun’s heat for generating electricity or producing heat. Therefore, it is inexhaustible and renewable.
  1. It provides power. The earth’s surface receives 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation, 20,000 times more power than the planet needs. Furthermore, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), just 18 days of solar irradiation on earth contains the same amount of energy stored by all the world’s coal, oil, and natural gas reserves.
  1. It offers savings. After the initial investment, which can vary depending on the size or how many panels are installed, you can obtain savings of up to 90 percent on a domestic electricity bill. This would mean a radical change since, according to the UN, 40 percent of global energy is consumed by buildings, and these generate a third of carbon emissions.
  1. Solar panels are easy to maintain. The only thing that solar panels require to function correctly is to be free of dust. Many solar power companies dedicated to installing panels also offer a maintenance service included in the purchase.
  1. Solar power is widely available. Anyone can use this type of energy almost anywhere in the world. Warmer countries have enormous potential to produce home solar energy, with most of the territory suitable for installing solar panels.

Due to its growing popularity, it is becoming easier to find high street shops and companies that sell and install solar panels. You can find photovoltaic systems with one or more solar panels in both physical and online stores. The average panel can generate up to 70 kWh bimonthly.

Additionally, you can buy small solar panels that provide power for small appliances such as surveillance cameras. With a couple of hours of sun, the camera will guarantee security for 24 hours or longer.

The use of renewable energy in houses and commercial buildings promotes savings, energy self-sufficiency and efficient energy management. In the case of large commercial projects, many companies offer credit, preferential prices, interest-free months, personalised advice, and other benefits.