How to Choose A Luxury Man’s Watch

The strength of our looks lies in their details. And luxury looking watches are, without a doubt, one of the most important. It’s an element that separates us from the rest and announces with true impetus who we are, what we are made of and where we are headed.

Just as we use perfumes and trainers to express our personality or to show our character, watches are essential to define our temperament and style without the need for any words. We wear a smartwatch to show that we are aware of our health and social networks and to see ourselves at the forefront. We use a sports model when we go out to exercise or are preparing for a race. We wear a rubber model on days when we have nothing on our agenda other than a meal with friends or family. But what happens when we need a designer watch for work? A model that will show the difference between the average worker and us, full of expectations and great goals.

Formal Elegant Watches

If you are looking for an answer to that question, today we will help you choose a watch capable of sending all the correct messages you need in your professional life. Models that reveal your ambitions, as well as your determined and relentless character. Pay attention because this will greatly help mark your leadership position when you decide to ask for a raise or apply for a promotion. You need a watch that demonstrates success and power.

You Only Have Two Materials To Choose From

For the purpose you are looking for, we must start with the most basic: say goodbye to rubber, plastic and fabric straps. Although there are models that are beautiful and use these materials, leave them for another occasion. What you should be interested in from this moment on is a dress watch that is very elegant and has a leather or steel strap. Consider the climate, too, because a metal bracelet will always be cooler than a leather one, so don’t compromise your comfort on hot days.

Remember that watches made of stainless steel are usually more affordable than those made of titanium or carbon fibre and those made of more expensive metals. Prepare your budget based on this.

Favour Mechanical Movements

The different types of movements are factors that directly influence prices, and although watches with quartz movements – which require a battery – are usually less expensive, those with mechanical movements with automatic or manual winding functions will always have a more sophisticated design with an image that, to the knowledgeable or amateur eye, will always make an excellent impression.

Large Dimensions

A formal watch that looks expensive and powerful will always have a prominent case. It is no secret, then, that a model with a diameter of 42 mm will always look impressive and provide enough character to our professional looks. However, size is only part of it, and we may need a smaller watch if our wrist is thin. Smaller diameters can also be effective; their strength lies entirely in their design. Who could say that a Cartier Santos Dumont is not a design of elegance and power, for example, being delicately small?

Go For Classic Models

Classic designs have a history and do not go for large and flashy decorations but for more traditional aesthetics. Believe it or not, this will make your timepiece more attractive.

Consider Your Style And The Functions You Need

If you are a pragmatic being not interested in gadgets and functions, an excellent three-hand watch with an easy-to-read dial may be the way to go. If you consider yourself a fashionista, consider watches with colourful dials or unusual case shapes. Features are important, too.

The inclusion of a chronograph, calendars, dual time zones or world timer indications speak of a man who is aware of what is happening around the world, especially when it comes to business.

Take Brands and Shapes Into Account

A recognized brand in the world of watches, luxury and fashion will always help. People will get an obvious message when they see that you are wearing, for example, a classic Montblanc on your wrist. Now, suppose your budget doesn’t allow you that much. In that case, you can always consider unusual shapes: our recommendation is to choose sophisticated square or barrel cases, distinct from the traditional circular watch.