How To Start Finding a New Job after 12th

How To Start Finding a New Job after 12th

Many youngsters in India start working soon after completing their 12th to support their family or get funds for higher studies. There are many examples of successful people who started earning at a young age without getting a college degree. 

It is a general notion that you need to complete your degree to find the best job. However, the truth is with a systematic approach and the right attitude, you can get a decent job soon after you pass 12th grade. 

There are many jobs that require basic qualifications, and you can do such jobs part-time or work at flexible hours to have enough time to continue studying. You can take jobs such as graphic designer, e-commerce delivery person, online tutor, office help, security personnel, etc. 

How to find new jobs after the 12th?

Know your interest

The first step in finding a new job after completing 12th is to assess your likes; you must know what you like to do and want to do. If you like your work, the chances are high that you will sustain it for long. So, figure out your areas of interest. For example, if you are interested in photography or image editing, you can look for a job as a graphic designer. 

Analyse your strengths and weaknesses

While knowing your interest is critical, sometimes it may not be enough to help you find a job. You must also understand your skills and what you are good at. Analysing your strengths and weaknesses would help you know what you are capable of and find a suitable job accordingly. 

Keep a note of your strengths and weaknesses, and when you find new jobs, try to align your strengths with your interests. This will help you narrow down your choices better. 

Use qualification filter on job portals and apps

Generally, the jobs posted on online portals, classifieds and apps have specific minimum qualification requirements. Finding jobs to suit your needs can be difficult. So, to make your task easy, you can filter the jobs based on the qualification. There are many job portals like Qjobs where you can easily find opportunities for the 12th pass. 

Do your research well

Once you shortlist the job options available for 12th pass candidates, you must do your research well about the following things:

  • Check the roles and responsibilities defined for the job, and assess if you want to do this from the long-term career perspective. Does the job allow you to learn new skills, and will it benefit your future growth? 
  • Salary is a critical factor to consider while looking for new jobs. Research the standard salary offered for the job you wish to take. The employer should provide decent remuneration as per the industry standards. 

Apply for the job

Once you do your research, it is time to start applying for the job. Send your resume through the app or the portal to the employer along with a smartly crafted cover letter. You can even email HR directly to fix an interview. Ensure that you apply to multiple jobs as per your interest and preferred location. 

Final Word

The key to getting the job you desire is being consistent with your efforts and having patience. Make sure that you put your best foot forward during the interview and portray yourself as an ideal candidate for the job. This will multiply your chances of landing the job.