How to Use Age Verification Software With Your Business

How to Use Age Verification Software With Your Business


Age verification software is a critical part of an e-commerce site or platform. It’s an important piece to the puzzle of making sure that only adults can view certain content and make purchases or engage with the site in other ways. Depending on your business, you might need to make sure that visitors are over 18 years old before they can access pornography or tobacco products, for example. Or you might want to ensure that children under 13 aren’t accessing gambling sites or other sites with mature content.

What is age verification?

Age verification (AV) is the process of confirming the age of a person before he or she can access a website or service. Age verification is used to comply with laws and regulations that require an age-verified person to be at least 18 years old, such as those relating to gambling, alcohol and tobacco sales, social networking sites, and dating services.

The popularity of age verification in the United States and around the world

Age verification software is a growing industry, with many businesses adopting it for their purposes. It helps companies verify the identities of users through a variety of means, including biometrics and driver’s licenses. The software can help prevent fraud and underage gaming by ensuring that users are over 18 years old before allowing them entry into an app or website. This type of age verification software is also used in casinos and gambling sites to keep minors out.

How does age verification work?

Age verification is a process that confirms whether or not a person is 18 years of age or older. It’s used for age-restricted products and services, such as purchasing alcohol, tobacco, and gambling; as well as accessing adult websites and other content.

Benefits of using age verification

There are several benefits to using age verification software. The most obvious benefit is that it can prevent minors from accessing adult content. You may also want to use it for other age-restricted material, such as gambling sites or social networking sites. If a customer is not old enough, the site will prevent them from accessing the site and you will be able to avoid any legal trouble later on.

Some people also use this software because it’s cheap compared to other methods of verifying a person’s age. This saves you money in the long run and helps keep costs low when running your business online or offline in person at an event like fairs or festivals where alcohol sales are permitted but underage drinking isn’t allowed.

Use cases from identity to lead generation to fraud prevention

Age verification software is valuable for a range of use cases from identity to lead generation to fraud prevention.For example, a customer may want to register with your website and you are required to enter their date of birth. You can use age verification software that compares the entered date with their credit card information, which will tell you if the person is 18+ or not. The same thing applies if you want to prevent underage gambling or drinking on your platform because it will check all personal information provided by customers against government databases for compliance with local laws and regulations regarding age and other criteria such as residency.


Age verification is a valuable tool for businesses that want to verify the age of their customers. It’s not just about protecting kids from inappropriate content, but also ensuring that your business is compliant with government regulations around underage sales and other sensitive information. Age verification software can be used in many different ways, from identity verification to fraud prevention and lead generation. No matter what your use case may be, you hope this guide has helped you understand how age verification works and why it’s important.