Investing in the Right Pallet Inverters Reduce Risks of Damaged Goods

Investing in the Right Pallet Inverters Reduce Risks of Damaged Goods

If you have never heard of pallet inverters, then it is high time you learned about this useful machinery. Having these at your warehouses can not only help you save time, but also improves efficiency at your workplace.

The Hype about Pallet Inverters

If you have ever visited pharmaceutical industries, you might have seen pallet inverters for transporting medicines or equipment. They are a better alternative to forklifts or hand trucks wherein a lot of time gets consumed transferring goods from one pallet to another.

Purchasing a pallet inverter is a long-term investment. Therefore, you must purchase from credible companies such as Top Industries Inc. located in Davie, Florida. Whether it is fully automated or manually controlled, this company specializes in all types of pallet inverters, tippers, and exchangers.

Pallet inverters are machines that are designed to rotate loaded pallets at 180°C to be exchanged with other pallets. They are generally used to move products from production to shipment facilities and vice-versa.

These also prove to be useful to invert products that are not onto pallets. They can be used on support boards and slip sheets to transfer the products. Depending on the inverter brand you are using, this machinery can be easily adjusted to carry any type of heavy or light merchandise.

If you work in the logistics department, you might know the need to use the right pallets for products. In the case of perishable goods, or drugs you need to use aluminum or plastic pallets. You can even use custom-sized products if you deal in unique goods.

In the case of transporting the goods from your warehouse, you can make use of wooden, slip sheets, sling bags, or expendable pallets depending on the nature of the products you are dealing with.

Pallet Inverters are a Must Have for All Industries

If you are still skeptical about whether to invest in the machinery, the below advantages might help you change your mind:

  • These are versatile
  • There is less manual intervention
  • Fewer risks of accidents
  • It can help avoid damage to the products
  • These machines can rotate multiple pallets at a time
  • It can save space as these can be used in tight spaces
  • It saves on time as many pallet inverters can rotate up to 1995 kg of products at a time

In addition to pharmaceutical industries, the machinery are also used in:

  • Food and beverage industries – Useful for restacking food and beverages from one pallet to another
  • Construction business – Useful for turning concrete sections for removing steel molding
  • Printing business – To print on both sides of the paper
  • Inverters can also be used to turn bananas for ripening
  • Cheese and Dairy industries – To transfer boxes onto different pallets
  • Distribution Industries – To supply and ship products to accommodate the customer demands

Top Industries Inc. has an official YouTube channel wherein customers can check out videos on how their pallet inverters work. Interested customers can subscribe to their channel to get the latest update on their products.


No matter which industry you work for, these inverters make a huge difference in improving the efficiency of organizations. The best part is that you can choose from standard, semi-automatic, or automatic inverters depending on your requirement.