Maid Insurance Cover – A Necessary Insurance for Singaporeans 

Maid Insurance Cover – A Necessary Insurance for Singaporeans 

With approximately 2,50,000 maids assigned in Singapore, the ministry of manpower compels all employers to acquire maid insurance for their servants. Even though the cheapest domestic helper insurance scheme is mandatory, it is not as hyped as car insurance, car insurance is widely discussed amongst the people. The reason is that most employers hire their assistants from an agency that may have collaborated with the insurance companies to offer the essential services and benefits. As an outcome, not all employers recognize their maid insurance policy coverage and what exactly maid insurance fills in. To answer this question here we have complete maid insurance in Singapore guide for you.

What Are The Coverage Needs For Mandatory Foreign Domestic Helper Insurance?

All employers should obtain medical insurance, personal accident insurance (PAI), and security bond for their servants in Singapore as expected by the ministry of manpower below:

  • Medical insurance with coverage of approximately $15,000 per year for hospitalization and day surgery 
  • PAI with a sum guaranteed of approximately $60,000 per year 
  • A security bond of the value of $5,000 for non-Malaysian helpers 

As the above rules are mandatory, all foreign domestic helper insurance protocols in Singapore will encircle them. Maid insurance policies are accessible for fourteen months or 26 months duration. As almost every employer hires a domestic assistant on a two-year agreement, buying a 26-month buying plan can protect them at least 30% of your expenditures per year.

In Singapore, What Does Maid Insurance Covers?

Not all maid insurance agencies provide similar benefits beyond the smallest needs and would cost differently. Most insurers offer coverage for medical and administrative expenditures. Below-mentioned is a few benefits you can receive in a usual maid insurance policy:

  • Coverage for surgical expenditures
  • Coverage for repatriation expenditure
  • Delivers personal liability security
  • Coverage for all medical and dental expenses

However, a few insurers may provide additional windfalls such as wage bonuses, third-party liability, and theft or robbery. To make you clearer, we have pulled apart advantage and insurance coverage separately.

  1. Medical expenditures for maid hospitalization and surgery

Maid insurance policy needs to cover hospitalization fees and surgical costs, including day surgery amounts, in case of suffering or illness. Several strategies may also offer cover for pre-illness medical talk and diagnostic aids and post-illness follow-up procedures. Unfortunately, your domestic assistant’s medical insurance policy will not wrap just any sort of condition and may discard several medical conditions and pre-existing ailments or traumas. Hence, it is important to know about the medical history and condition of a helper before appointing him.

  1. Personal accident covers when a maid is injured

The lowest of $60,000 per year’s worth of PAI coverage is compulsory according to MOM. In addition, this payout will be done in case of permanent disability or the death of the servant. Several insurance policies may also enclose treatment in dental and traditional Chinese medicine therapy for an injury occurring from a tragedy.

Things to look for in a COVID-19 travel insurance coverage 

Do you wonder what to look for in a Singapore covid-19 travel insurance? In COVID-19 travel insurance, you should look for short-term visitors who are vaccinated and who are not, individuals aged 12 or below do not require this insurance. Visitors can acquire travel insurance before traveling to Singapore from any insurer offering such services in your state or country. 

To sum it up 

If you were contemplating buying maid insurance in Singapore, rest assured to be spoilt for a choice of options. Numerous insurance companies have been looking forward to gaining your business. Therefore, you should be prudent in your search for the best insurance coverage for your domestic helper.