The Benefits of Using Cantilever Racking

The Benefits of Using Cantilever Racking

The right storage systems are essential to the functioning of any warehouse, distribution facility or building material supplier. Proper storage not only optimises space utilisation, but also enhances the safety and accessibility of stored items in the warehouse space. Cantilever racking is a type of storage system that offers a wide range of benefits, especially for the storage of long, irregularly shaped or awkwardly shaped items such as pipes, tubes, lumber, furniture and musical instruments. If you’re considering upgrading or reconfiguring your warehouse storage solution, this article will go over some of the biggest benefits of using cantilever racking in Melbourne.

Ease of Installation

One of the biggest advantages of cantilever racking is the ease of installation that’s granted by switching to this type of storage solution. Unlike some other types of warehouse storage systems that require a qualified installer to fit the system in your storage space, a typical cantilever rack installation can be done yourself. The installation process for a standard cantilever rack can be completed quickly and efficiently without the need for specialised tools or equipment. This ease of installation makes cantilever racking an ideal option for businesses looking to improve their storage capacity without incurring additional costs or spending excessive amounts of time reconfiguring and installing a new storage solution.


Cantilever racking offers better accessibility compared to most other storage systems. The lack of a forward-facing beam or upright makes it easier to access stored items, reducing the risk of damage to items stored on these racks and the equipment used to handle them. The improved accessibility features of cantilever racking are ideal for businesses that deal with long or irregularly shaped items that are challenging to store and retrieve, especially during times when sales are peaking.

Increased Warehouse Storage Capacity

Another big benefit of cantilever racking in Melbourne is the increased storage capacity it provides. By having the ability to store items vertically and horizontally, businesses can maximise their use of space. The height and length of cantilever rack arms can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of items, meaning no matter what you’re storing, you can configure your cantilever racks to suit. This versatility makes cantilever racking an excellent option for businesses that require a flexible storage solution to meet their unique or changing storage needs.


Cantilever racking in Melbourne can be customised to suit specific business needs and preferences. Businesses can choose from different finishes, colours, load capacities, arm lengths and types. This customisation can allow your business to create a storage system that’s tailored to your specific needs, further enhancing the efficiency and functionality of your storage space.

Great for Heavy Loads

In spite of its flexibility and versatility, cantilever racking can handle surprisingly heavy loads ranging from 500kg up to 25 tonnes per arm. This feature makes it an ideal option for businesses that deal with heavy items such as steel, lumber or machinery. Cantilever racking is also durable and resistant to corrosion and rust, so even in warehouses or storage spaces with less than ideal environmental conditions, a cantilever rack will be able to withstand these conditions without sacrificing quality or utility.