The Do’s and Don’ts of investing in gold bullion coins

The Do’s and Don’ts of investing in gold bullion coins

There are lots of different bullion coins that are available on the market or at least, you will find a lot of bullion dealers that claim that they sell the best gold bullion. Do not take everything at face value or make assumptions. Make an educated decision before you put money into bullion. Pause for a moment here. Not every gold coin that someone advertises as bullion gold is actually gold bullion.

Basically, the best definition of bullion is refined gold coins with a purity or fineness of 91% to 99.99% . It goes further than that. Gold bullion coins are minted by government mints and have legal tender value. These coins are sold to private gold bullion dealers, banks, and brokerage firms.  Since bullion coins are made from the purest gold, an ounce of a gold bullion coin should theoretically be as close as the spot price of gold. However, when you buy gold bullion coins you will discover that you are charged a premium price that has properties factored into the final price. When buying bullion coins from gold dealers Melbourne you need to keep in mind that the dealer has to make a profit and that gets worked into the actual price you will pay when you buy.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to buying gold bullion coins.  Let’s look at what some of the do’s and don’t’s you need to know about:

#1. Ask about the melt value of your gold

For any precious metal product that is sold, the content determines its melt value. This is the value of your gold item if it is melted down and separated from other impurities.

#2. Ask a professional

If you are new to the buying and selling of gold, you should seek advice from a professional or someone who has had a lot of experience in the industry. Always search for a reputable dealer who specialises in gold bullion.

#3. Shop around

Before you purchase any gold, go around and compare how other gold buyers run their businesses. Compare what they sell and what their prices are. Before you hand over your gold to any gold dealers Melbourne do your due diligence, so you are sure you are getting the best product, the best service and the best price. Get an appraisal before you shop your gold around. This way you will know what to expect.

#4. Consider transactional fees and other costs

Consider other costs and transactional fees that are associated with investing in gold. You may need to add storage fees and insurance costs.

#5. Know Your Bullion Dealer

Know who you are dealing with. Find out as much as you can about the bullion dealer you end up choosing. There are a lot of online resources that can help you with all the information you need. Check out the bullion dealer online and read about what other people have to say about the dealer. Consult the local consumer protection agency to ask about your chosen bullion dealer and determine whether the company has had any complaints made against it.

When you buy gold bullion, insist on getting a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the quality of the coins

The donts

#1. Avoid dealers that deliver to secured facilities

Some gold bullion dealers deliver their gold bullion to some secure facility instead of directly to you. If you do, you have no way of knowing whether there is actual physical gold or not. Since you won’t be taking physical ownership of the bullion coins, you won’t know for sure if the quality is what the dealer said it would be. When you buy gold bullion coins make sure you always take physical delivery.

#2. Never buy when you feel pressured to do so

Take your time to look for a good bullion dealer. You are buying bullion coins as an investment that will last some time. Your money will be tied into that investment so the decision to buy gold bullion is one that should not be done under duress. You can walk away if you feel uncomfortable with the high-pressure sale tactics that a lot of dealers often resort to.